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Pipe Specialties
Pipe Specialties

Guenther Supply, Inc. is pleased to provide a wide selection of specialty piping products to customers in the mechanical contracting market, along with OEM’s, and industrial maintenance and repair specialists. Servicing Wisconsin, the Northern Peninsula of Michigan, and Northern Illinois, we have partnered with leading industry manufacturers to offer the best in pressure gauges, gauge glass, repair clamps, couplings, wye strainers, carriers, floor and roof drains, pneumatic filters, pressure regulators, and backflow prevention products. We offer innovative products such as the suction steam diffuser from Mueller Steam Specialty which strains out foreign particles and provides proper pump flow conditions; along with the triple acting Class 125 Control Chek™ valves that represents a complete pump protection and isolation package. Our selection includes products from top manufacturers as Conbraco, McDonnell-Miller, Parker, Kunkle, and the pressure regulation and backflow prevention parts from Watts Water Technologies. For more information about our full line of specialty piping products please contact us directly.

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Piping Specialties in Detail

Mueller Steam Specialty

  • Locxend™ Grooved End Suction Diffuser
  • Size:2 x 1 1/4 in. to 12 x 12 in. (50 x 32 to 300 x 300mm)
  • Description: Provide economical and compact pump protection by straining foreign particles and providing proper flow conditions to the pump

Chexter™ Check Valve 1600
  • Class 125 Cast Iron Chexter™ Pivot Check Valves
  • Size:2 to 36 in. (50 to 900mm)
  • Description:Can be used in a variety of applications including: chilled and hot water systems, refrigeration, plumbing, air conditioning, gas and liquid applications, water filtration, oxygen systems, boiler feed lines, and centrifugal pump and compressor systems.

Sure Check™ Check Valve 71
  • Class 125 Cast Iron Sure Check™ Valves
  • Size: 2 to 54 in. (50 to 1350mm)
  • Description:Designed for liquids and gases where flow reversal can cause surge and water hammer. Elastomer seats provide bubble-tight shutoff.

Silent Check Valve 101MAP
  • Class 125 Cast Iron Standard Wafer Silent Check Valves
  • Size:1 to 10 in. (25 to 250mm)

Control Chek™ 721
  • Class 125 Control Chek™ Valves
  • Size:2 to 14 in. (50 to 350mm)
  • Description: Designed for installation in pump discharge piping where it performs triple duty. It acts as a spring loaded silent check valve, a shutoff valve, and a balancing valve. Used in conjunction with the Mueller Steam Specialty suction diffuser, it constitutes a compact and effective complete pump protection and isolation package.

Butterfly Valve 87
  • Ductile Iron Wafer Butterfly Valves
  • Size:2 to 24 in. (50 to 600mm)
  • Description:These soft-seated butterfly valves are designed for a variety of general applications in the control of water, air, oil, gases, and corrosive media. They are equally effective for on-off, throttling, or isolation service requirements. Series 87 is well suited for higher velocity service and vacuum

Line Blinds
  • Class 150 Quick Acting Line Blinds
  • Size:1 to 24 in. (25 to 600mm)
  • Description:Designed for applications that require positive visual indication of line closure and opening.

Suction Diffuser 1011
  • Class 125 Suction Diffusers
  • Size: 2 x 1 1/4 to 18 x 12 in (50 x 32 to 450 x 300mm)
  • Description: Provide economical and compact pump protection by straining foreign particles and providing proper flow conditions to the pump. This series mounts directly to the suction side of a pump in either the horizontal or vertical position.

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