About Guenther Supply, Inc. Starting a small business back in the 1940’s and early 1950’s, Gordon Guenther, alongside his brother Marvin, built walk-in coolers, refrigeration equipment, and retailed plumbing, heating, and refrigeration supplies.

In 1956, Guenther Supply was officially founded by Gordon Guenther and Lyle Trader. They ventured into the wholesale supply business, selling plumbing, heating, and refrigeration supplies, then adding petroleum-handling equipment.

The company gained further expertise in 1963 with the addition of Raymond Zwicky. Providing valuable business experience to the young company. Ray served as President of Guenther Supply, Inc. from 1972 until his retirement in 1990.

Over the decades, Guenther Supply, Inc. has experienced consistent growth. To meet our customers’ evolving needs, we expanded our product lines to include pipes, valves, fittings, and related items, necessitating new facilities to accommodate our increasing inventory.

Today, we have a fully integrated computer system that offers real-time inventory availability. Our busy shipping department and fleet of delivery trucks ensure prompt product delivery to our customers.

Committed to keeping pace with modern technology, we provide the most innovative tools and products on the market. Our knowledgeable full-time staff works diligently, dedicated to achieving complete customer satisfaction.

Company Directory

Guenther Supply Board of Directors

  • Robert G. Zwicky – President/Treasurer
  • Kim Ayars – Executive Vice President
  • Karen Kraus – Vice President/Secretary

Staff Administration

  • Robert G. Zwicky – General Manager
  • Karen Kraus – Accts. Payable Manager
  • Kim Ayars – Accts. Receivable Manager
  • Hannah Zwicky – Accts. Receivable/Accts. Payable
  • Hailey Hutter – Purchasing Manager
  • Don Steffes- Purchasing
  • Geoff Bellis – System Administrator
  • Deb Dehring – Administrative Secretary

Sales Manager

  • Michael Perry, “Mich”

Inside Sales

  • Steve Wojahn
  • Corey Keller
  • MJ Shady
  • Jozalyn Penn
  • Troy Masteller
  • Joseph “Joey” Trusk

Outside Sales

  • John Trtan
  • James Nett-Bin Management

Warehouse Manager

  • Darren Weber

Shipping Manager

  • Brian Kopf

Receiving Manager

  • Danielle Burden

Fleet Manager

  • John Beck

Warehouse Staff

  • Ken Warriner
  • David Binning
  • Damion Mireles
  • Zach Shady
  • Joey Liebelt
  • Gavin Hood
  • Corey Atkins