At Guenther Supply Inc., we are pleased to offer customers across the Upper Midwest with industrial steam and fluid specialty products manufactured by Watson McDaniel. With over a century of experience, this company is recognized for high-quality work and dedication to innovation. Supplied products include a variety of steam traps handling a range of applications, including thermodynamic, thermostatic, float & thermostatic, inverted bucket, clean steam, and bi-metallic models. Universal style traps are also available for easy installation and maintenance. We carry direct-operated regulators supporting up to 450 psig with externally sensed regulators for improved accuracy, as well as pilot-operated regulators designed to regulate pressure at a set constant. Multiple pilots are available including remote control, solenoid, temperature-based, and high accuracy along with optional noise attenuation devices. For modulating flow, available control valves are offered in electric and pneumatic models. Additional specialty items are available, including humidifiers, moisture separators, thermal protection valves, and more. For a full list of steam and fluid products available, please contact us directly.

Steam Traps

  • Steam Traps are special valves that “sort” steam from other gases and condensates.
  • Available Varieties: Thermodynamics, Thermostatic, Float & Thermostatic, Inverted Bucket, Clean Steam, Bi-Metallic
  • Universal Models simplify installation and maintenance.
  • Able to handle wide range of applications.

Pilot-Operated Regulators

  • Designed to regulate pressure at a set constant.
  • Max reduction pressure: 300 psig Max Operating Pressure: 450 psig
  • Pressure-based, temperature-based, high-accuracy, solenoid, and remote control pilots available.
  • Also available: noise attenuators for reducing unwanted noise caused by pressure reduction.

Control Valves

  • Remote-actuated valves for flow control.
  • Pneumatic and electronic controlled models.
  • Pneumatically-actuated models incorporates many features found only on more expensive units.
  • Electronic models offer high levels of accuracy and performance.
  • Full line of control loop electronic components, manufactured by Watson McDaniel.

Specialty Products

  • Wide range of specialty products for special purpose steam and fluid applications.
  • Products include check valves, relief valves, humidifiers, moisture separators, vacuum breakers, thermo-protection valves, drip pan elbows, etc.
  • Bronze, Cast Iron, and Stainless Steel construction.

Direct-Operated Regulators

  • Self-contained pressure reducing valves for use with Steam, Water, Oil and other liquids & gases, and Back Pressure/Relief Valves are used to maintain a specific back pressure or to protect systems from an over-pressure condition.
  • Direct-Operated regulators can support up to 450 psig operating pressure.
  • Externally-sensed regulators for greater accuracy.
  • Back-pressure valves capable of holding constant pressure on volumes up to 278 GPM.