Guenther Supply Inc. is a stocking distributor of Anvil Gruvlok grooved couplings, fittings, flanges and valves. From mechanical and industrial, plumbing and mining to energy and fire protection, Gruvlok grooved products are designed to withstand the most rugged applications while providing durable and easy installation, and ultimately, saving time and money on any project requiring grooved over the weld. Through a combination of roll-grooving and two-bolt coupling design, Anvil’s innovative product line joins piping and other components into a single rugged yet flexible system. This makes Gruvlok products ideal for a variety of applications, particularly in tight spaces. For more information about the complete list of Gruvlok products available, please contact us directly.

Gruvlok Fittings

  • 90 ells – Painted
  • 45 ells – Painted
  • Tees – Painted
  • Reducing Tees – Painted
  • Outlet Tees – Painted
  • Concentric Reducers – Painted
  • Male Concentric Reducers – Painted
  • Caps – Painted
  • Tees – Painted
  • Carbon Steel Groove X MPT Nipples

Gruvlok Couplings

  • RidgidLok EPDM – Painted
  • SlideLok EPDM – Painted
  • SlideLok Buna – Painted
  • EPDM Gaskets
  • Buna Gaskets

Gruvlok Flanges

  • Flange EPDM – Painted
  • Flange Adapter – Painted
  • Sealing Ring


  • Butterfly Valves


  • Xtreme Temp Lubricant