Guenther Supply, Inc. provides a complete line of pipe sealants and chemicals for the industrial piping industry. We stock pipe thread sealants such as the recognized Blue Monster, Rectorseal, Federal Process, and X-Pando products. Other well-known products include the Spears line of PVC and CPVC cement and primer and Oatey’s solder products for the effective joining of copper tube and fittings. We also accommodate customers’ demand for thread cutting oil and anti-seize compounds. To learn more about the pipe sealants and chemicals available from Guenther Supply, please contact us directly.

Blue Monster

  • Industrial Pipe Dope
  • Teflon Thread Seal Tape
  • Copper Anti-Seize Sealant
  • Compression Seal Tape
  • Microbubble Leak Detector
  • Artic Armor Heat Shield
  • Citrus Scrub Towels
  • Sand Screen
  • Sand Cloth
  • Power Fitting and Tube Brushes


  • No. 7 Blk Pipe Dope
  • T-Plus-2 White Pipe Dope
  • No. 5 Yellow Pipe Dope
  • Better Bubble Leak Detector

Federal Process Corp

  • Gasoila Soft-Set Pipe Dope w/Teflon
  • PLS2 Pipe Thread Sealant
  • FasSeal-ATS Anaerobic Thread Seal
  • Free All Penetrating Oil Spray

X-Pando Products Company

  • X-Pando Pipe Joint Compound


  • PVC Gray and Clear Cement
  • PVC Cold-N-Hot Cement
  • PVC Aqua Blue Wet-N-Dry Cement
  • CPVC Gray Cement
  • CPVC/CTS One Step Cement
  • PVC Clear Primer
  • Blue 75 Sealant


  • No. 5 Paste Flux
  • Pipe Lubricant
  • Epoxy Putty Stick

Solder and Brazing

  • 50/50 Solid Wire Solder
  • 95/5 Solid Wire Solder
  • Canfield Watersafe Leadfree Solder
  • 15% Brazing Alloy Sticks
  • 45% Silver Brazing Wire Alloy
  • Propane and Mapp Gas
  • Torches
  • Fitting Brushes


  • Nu-Clear Thread Cutting Oil
  • Dark Thread Cutting Oil
  • Premium Extreme Performance Thread Cutting Oil

Tape Products

  • White Teflon Tape
  • Nickel Teflon Tape for Stainless
  • Yellow Gas Teflon Tape
  • Copper PTFE Anti-Seize Tape
  • TC Tape Coat Tape
  • PVC Electrical Tape
  • Duct Tape