Guenther Supply Inc. provides a full menu of hose products and accessories, including rubber and plastic hose and tubing, clamps, quick couplers and hose fittings. Plumbing and heating contractors, MRO, and OEM customers can trust the recognized manufactured products we source from Dixon Valve and Coupling, a leading provider of hose fittings and related products. We are also a stocking distributor for P-T Coupling, a leading manufacturer of quick couplers for the hose industry. Other related products include Banjo fittings, valves and couplers as well as Parker hydraulic hose and fittings. Our hose and tubing inventory covers applications for air, water, steam, oils and chemicals. For more details about hose and hose fittings, please contact us directly.

Hose Products

  • Red Multi-Purpose Rubber Hose 2BR
  • Black General Purpose Rubber Hose 1BR
  • Rubber Oil Suction / Discharge Hose
  • Rubber Water Suction Hose
  • Rubber Steam Hose
  • Rubber Hydraulic Hose 3000#, 4000#
  • White Rubber Washdown Hose
  • Blue Push-On Rubber Hose
  • Clear PVC Suction Hose
  • Clear Braided Suction Hose
  • Clear PVC Corrugated Hose
  • Red HD PVC Discharge Hose
  • Clear PVC FDA Suction Hose
  • Clear PVC Tubing
  • Clear PVC Braided Tubing
  • Clear PVC HD Braided Tubing
  • EPDM / Poly Suction Hose
  • Poly-Flo Tubing

Hose Fittings

  • Zinc Plated Hose Barbs
  • Stainless Hose Barbs
  • Poly Pro Hose Barbs
  • Steel Hydraulic Hose Adapters and Fittings
  • Aluminum Couplers and Adapters
  • Stainless Couplers and Adapters
  • Poly Pro Couplers and Adapters
  • Air Hose Couplers and Adapters
  • Poly-Flo Compression Fittings
  • Poly-Flo Push-on Fittings

Hose Accessories

  • Dixon Stainless Worm Gear Clamps
  • Band It Stainless Clamps
  • Punch Lok Stainless Clamps
  • Banjo Stainless T-Bolt Super Clamp