Proudly serving the Upper Midwest, at Guenther Supply Inc., we offer high-quality efficient solutions to OEMs, the mechanical contracting market, and industrial maintenance repair and operations professionals. We have partnered with the Eaton Corporation to offer their high-quality line of B-Line products, which are backed by over a century of experience. Products include bolted framing strut systems and fittings, cable trays, cable management, and comm/data equipment, as well as pipe hangers and mechanical supports.

These products are made from heavy-duty materials with a range of corrosion-resistant finishing options, and incorporate features such as metal framing, slotted angles, seismic bracing, telecom, enclosures, and anchors. We also provide an intelligently designed strut system/bolt framing, with fully adjustable and reusable parts requiring no welding or drilling to assemble. These systems are ideal for cable trays, raceway systems, piping racks, trolley systems, and conduit. We offer a full line of strut accessories including clamps, hangers, supports, rooftop cushions, and rollers, along with a comprehensive range of fasteners and anchors such as wall studs, conduit and cable, acoustical tees, beams, and the RUFF-IN line of pre-fab components. For further information about the exclusive B-Line by Eaton product selection available, please contact us directly.

Pipe Hangers & Mechanical Supports

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  • Highly diverse set of pipe hangers, accessories, and fittings.
  • System includes pipe hangers, metal framing, cable tray, slotted angle, seismic bracing, fasteners, telecom, enclosures and anchors. Many products UL-listed.
  • Materials include carbon steel and stainless steel, available with Zinc/Galvanized, plastic, epoxy, or specialty copper coatings for corrosion protection.
  • Compatible with seismic safety and bracing requirements.

Strut Systems (Bolt Framing)

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  • Overhead support system for electrical, mechanical, and industrial applications.
  • Intelligent design allows for fast, easy assembly. Required tools are a wrench and hacksaw.
  • All parts fully adjustable and reusable.
  • No welding or drilling needed.
  • Ideal for cable trays, raceway systems, piping racks, risers, trolley systems, conduit.
  • Materials include carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, fiberglass.
  • Available with Zinc/Galvanized, PVC, and Epoxy coatings.

Strut Accessories & Bolted Framing

  • Includes clamps, hangers, supports, rooftop cushions, rollers.
  • Adds high degree of installation flexibility for strut systems.
  • Most products made from low carbon steel, other materials include aluminum, stainless steel, iron. Zinc and epoxy coatings available.

Fasteners & Anchors

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  • High Carbon, cold-rolled steel, with optional zinc coating for corrosion resistance.
  • Safety Factor of three on listed static load capacities.
  • Wide variety of products: wall studs, conduit and cable, acoustical tees, beams, hangars, lathers channel, communication and low voltage, anchors.
  • Includes RUFF-IN line of pre-fab components for utility box, basic cabling, and domestic electrical needs.