Watson McDaniel ProductsAt Guenther Supply Inc., we supply customers with a full range of specialty heating equipment from Watson McDaniel Co. These cutting edge products are designed for specific applications in the heating and plumbing industries. Watson McDaniel offers an extensive line of steam traps that are designed to handle virtually any application. These include Thermodynamic, Thermostatic, Float & Thermostatic (F&T), Inverted Bucket, Clean Steam, and Bi-Metallic steam trap types. In addition to steam traps, we also supply pilot-operated regulating valves, back pressure & relief valves, temperature regulators and pneumatic control valves.

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Watson McDaniel WD600Thermodynamic Steam Trap

Watson McDaniel WD600

  • High pressure applications up to 600 PSIG
  • Trap will function in any orientation (horizontal preferred)
  • Three-hole balanced discharge extends life of the seat area
  • Freeze proof when trap is piped in a vertical orientation for complete drainage of condensate
  • Hardened stainless steel seat and disc for extended service life even at high pressure
  • Single trap will operate over the entire pressure range of 3.5-600 PSIG (Not recommended for use below 10 PSI)

Watson McDaniel FT SeriesFloat and Thermostatic Steam Trap

Watson McDaniel FT Series

  • H-pattern design allows piping from either side of the steam trap (there are two inlet ports at top and two outlet ports at bottom)
  • F&T traps have excellent air handling capability allows air to be discharged rapidly and steam to enter the system quickly during start-up
  • Welded stainless steel thermostatic air vent resists shock from waterhammer
  • In-line repairable (all internals are attached to cover)

Watson McDaniel IB Series Inverted Bucket Steam Trap

Watson McDaniel IB Series

  • Waterhammer resistant
  • Suitable for superheated steam (use internal check valve option to eliminate loss of prime)
  • In-line repairability is simplified by having all internals attached to the cover
  • Valve & seat are located at the top of the trap body making them less prone to clogging from debris and pipe scale
  • All stainless steel internals with hardened valve & seat

Watson McDaniel HD Series Pilot-Operated Regulating Valves

Watson McDaniel HD Series

  • Pilot-Operated Regulators are more accurate and offer higher capacities than standard direct-operated regulators. With the proper selection of pilots, these regulators will accurately control temperature, pressure or a combination of both.
  • The Watson McDaniel HD Series Pilot-Operated Main Valve features a ductile Iron body for increased pressure and temperature ratings. It is ruggedly designed for Steam Service and can be configured with a variety of pilots or pilot combinations, giving this regulating valve extreme versatility. Using the standard pressure (P) Pilot, outlet pressure can be reduced in the range of 3-200 PSIG, depending on the selected spring. Maximum operating pressure (PMO) for the HD regulating valve is 300 PSIG.

Watson McDaniel W910 Series Pneumatic Control Valves

Watson McDaniel

  • A control valve is a device capable of modulating flow at varying degrees between minimal flow and full capacity in response to a signal from an external control device. The Watson McDaniel W910 Series Pneumatic Control Valve offers high quality at an economical price and incorporates many features found only on more expensive units. A variety of models are available to provide the flow response required by the application.
  • The W910A, W910B & W910C are used for on/off control applications, providing a quick-opening flow response when used with single or double seated valves.
  • The W910TB is used for proportional or PID control applications, providing a throttling flow response when used with double seated or 3-way valves.
  • The W910EPA & W910EPC are used for proportional or PID control applications, providing equal percentage flow response when used with single seated valves.

Watson McDaniel O Series Regulator

Watson McDaniel O Series RegulatorSteam: The O Series, with Cast Iron body and Hardened Stainless internals, is the most popular and economical solution for reducing pressure in systems.

Watson McDaniel B Series Regulator

Watson McDaniel B Series RegulatorWater, Oil, other Liquids : The B-Series is primarily used for reducing pressure in WATER systems. Available with Bronze and Cast Iron Bodies. The B-Series offers higher capacity than the O-Series.